The Gentleman's Etiquette

Want to make a good first impression? Manners and respect are both great places to start.  Nothing is less attractive than meeting somebody that believes they are superior to others and are all about themselves.

We all want to be liked, and for some reason people feel they need to be better than everybody else. As people push the envelope to be better, they lose the importance of manners and respect. Essentially they become worse off trying to be better than others than if they just acted like a decent human being in the first place.

No matter what people say, chivalry isn’t dead. Providing positive energy and showing respect shows class and the quality of human being you are. Genuine heartfelt compliments go a long way. Whether you direct them to your loved ones, family members, friends, or people you just met, they make a huge impact.

In a world that has become so segregated by the masses, it’s easy to understand why people have lost feeling in being genuine and loving. People who love the hardest are often the ones who get hurt the most. It’s just important for us to remember that it isn’t right and we have to collectively work on changing the level of energy distribution from the hate society to the loving society. Show love, it does wonders on your conscience as well as the person you have showed some love to.

With the ability to socialize with people we’ve never met so easily in today’s society, we have forgotten what it means to have to put the work in. New generations expect consistent and immediate reward, and any sort of challenge is enough for them to fall off the bandwagon. In reality, any kind of challenge should be expected, and accepted. As you overcome challenges, you learn more about yourself and the strength of your willpower.  Those are good characteristics to have when it comes to being respected. When people know you’ve gone through challenges and struggles to be where you are, they are more likely to follow and also to respect you.

It’s the same in friendships, romantic relationships, etc. The more you’ve gone through with these people and still can call them lover’s and friends, you understand that bond is hard to find, and even harder to be broken.