THE BIG FOUR – Seek value in these four aspects of your life

Personally speaking, I believe that if I am spending my life doing anything that doesn’t involve my health, wealth, love, or happiness, that it is most likely a waste of time.  Life is long, but time can also slip us by. We don’t typically notice it until a few years pass and for some of us, we look back to our accomplishments and how far we’ve come only to realize not much has changed.

 As humans, we are a goal-based species. We thrive on accomplishment, no matter how big or small the task we set out to do is, and because of this, complacency can cause a lack of change. If we are completing things, it makes us feel good and provides momentum to continue completing and accomplishing. I think it’s safe to say that these four key aspects are crucial to the quality of life of any human being on our planet.

Health – Keeping your body and mind in shape is insanely important. Your body is a vehicle, and your mind is an interface designed by you, and meant to be programmed by you. For you to be able to function to your highest ability, you must learn to watch your diet, maintain a healthy level of daily exercise, and a positive mindset whenever possible. Celebrate your big and small wins, and reflect on your losses and things you can do to improve or prevent the same mistakes in the future.

Wealth – Whether it is a personal business, your career, job, or place of employment. Whatever it is you do to make a living, it must interest you, and you must enjoy doing it. No matter the pay cut you must take to enjoy what you’re doing, it is almost 100% always worth it. The level our careers and places of employment play on the rest of our lives is bigger than any of us want to admit. If it’s burning you out for when you have time at home, and you can’t seem to muster up any energy to enjoy your loved ones and your free time than it is clearly taking a toll on what truly matters in your life. There are more important things than working jobs that provide no worth to our lives than just a paycheque. When you’ve managed to balance the rest of these aspects, you will begin to find new ways of generating income, so that pay cut doesn’t have to be a forever thing!

Love – Friendships, Romantic relationships, family and also pets. You can love anything in this world, but there is an indescribable feeling when you find other humans you can connect with on various levels. Animals are also incredible at sharing love with, which is why many people have pets. It is important to remember to value the connections you have when it comes to love. We all need it, and it is something that is just as incredible to receive as it is to give. Build meaningful and worthwhile relationships with people you connect to. These good people you come across throughout your life who mean well and genuinely care for you are priceless.

Happiness – To connect these four aspects together, we call on happiness. If you’re doing something that doesn’t bring you joy, it’s definitely something that can be challenging to continue doing. There may come a day when you wake up and realize whatever it is you’re doing isn’t worth the sacrifice to your happiness and this may force you to make changes in your life. Maybe you will seek new hobbies, a new career, or even a new outlook or perspective on life. Life is much more than being rich and popular like many believe is the goal, for some people all they need to be happy is to be loved and to find peace. Happiness is different for everyone, and that is one of the most enjoyable things on this world, for people to actively share their interests and do what truly makes them happy. It raises the consciousness of the world, one person at a time, when people can do what they love and what they are good at. The ripple effect spans groups of friends and even to other generations, so it is vital to put your happiness on a pedestal. Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, but it is important to make sure you can at least learn from things that deter you from a positive outlook on life, and make the changes necessary to minimize anything that prevents you from being happy. Today is as good a day as any to think about what things you can do to focus on these four main aspects of life just a little more than yesterday.

Health, wealth, love and happiness, the four key aspects to a greater and more positive life.