Add this essential oil to your morning routine (If you haven't already)

Let’s face it. We’re busy enough in the morning to be adding things to our routine unless they are truly beneficial. But when you come across an ingredient worth the application time, it feels good to inform the masses. So let me present to you an ingredient to look for in your cosmetic products that is worth your time. Simmondsia Chinensis, or more commonly known as the Jojoba Plant, creates an ingredient found within cosmetic and medical products. This plant has been found in parts of Arizona, California, and Mexico.


Where the Jojoba Oil truly shines is when it’s found within beard oils and other cosmetic products. It is a great ingredient to use daily on your skin, it softens hair and strengthens hair follicles to promote hair growth, leaves the hair it was applied to looking shiny, and it even works as a moisturizer. It’s essentially an all in one ingredient. Because of this, it’s a great organic ingredient for those who are in search of natural and organic products.


Because it’s a perfectly safe ingredient to use on your face, it has been used to remove makeup, helps the healing process of chapped lips, has the power to help reduce the look of wrinkles, and has even been used to fight off infections/irritations. It has also been used to help treat sores, psoriasis, and bruises.


Adding it to your morning or nightly routine before bed or after you wake is quite simple. Because it can be applied to numerous locations of the face and hair, it can essentially be used anywhere you prefer. The most common places of application include the face, eyebrows, beard, stache, and eyelashes.


Organic, natural, and has numerous benefits. Nothing really beats ingredients like this straight from our planet.


If you’re looking for that last touch for radiant skin and hair, Jojoba Oil might be just what you need!