5 Simple steps to maintain your beard

Beards are very much an extension of our personalities. We grow it and keep it for a reason. Whether it be for the way it makes us look, the way it makes us feel, or both, it’s important to show your beard the necessary love it deserves.

Following these 5 simple steps will keep your beard clean, healthy, soft, and shining like it was always meant to.

  1. The first thing to keep in mind is to keep your skin under your beard moisturized. Dry skin isn`t fun. Rub a little bit of moisturizer into your beard at the start of the day to help maintain moisture levels.


  1. Now that your beard is moisturized, it`s time to get the beard shining. One of the best things to add to your regular morning routine (if you haven`t already) is to get that beard oil in. Most beard oils are produced with multiple essential oils that enhance your beard with shine and softness. It also works as a dandruff controller which will help you prevent unnecessary itchiness by providing another level of moisture into your beard/stache hair. Some beard oils are scented with manly scents, but there are also unscented beard oils if you want to avoid the fragrance.


  1. Now that the hairs are soft and shiny from the beard oil, your beard will be easier to groom for that sought after unified look. You can use your hands or a comb to help shape the hair into the desired direction.


  1. With your beard combed and shaped, you can make the necessary trim or cuts to the stray hairs that don’t belong.


  1. The last step is optional, but for the ultimate beard it’s a must. It’s very much like shampooing your hair and forgetting to add conditioner. Beard balm is a leave-in conditioner for your beard and stache to help lock in all the good and keep out the bad. It essentially works as a shield to lock in the moisture and hydration as well as the shine and softness into your beard.

Following these simple steps will most definitely provide you the necessary information to keep your beard clean, smooth, soft, and shiny. All the good stuff found in one beautiful work of art you can wear with confidence.